Rules of good sleep

Rules of good sleep

      Sleep has a deeper meaning for a person than just rest. During sleep, all physiological processes are slowed down, and accordingly, less energy is expended. Thanks to this, the central nervous system, many disrupted functions and the whole organism are restored. That`s why chronic lack of sleep is considered one of the causes of many diseases, and a full sleep – one of the components of their successful treatment.

To get the most benefit out of sleep, you need to create favorable conditions for this and follow certain rules. Then the rest at night will be deep and continuous, and by the morning there will be a feeling of vivacity.

Before going to bed, a 10-15 minute walk is useful. And, despite the fact that she can play an appetite, taking a dense supper is contraindicated, since a full stomach can cause restless sleep and anxious dreams. However, on an empty stomach, sleep is no less harmful, because becomes sensitive and superficial. Therefore, it is better to eat a light supper or to drink a glass of warm kefir.

Also, before going to bed, it`s good to take a warm shower or make foot baths. They promote the expansion of the vessels of the lower limbs and the flow of blood from the brain. This removes the stress of a hard day and brings a drowsy state.

One of the conditions for a good sleep is the stabilization of the psychoemotional state, because a sense of excitement, intense mental activity, thrilling thoughts and unpleasant conversations make sleep restless and superficial. In this case, it is necessary to develop the ability to stay away from the problems of a past day before going to bed.

A comfortable bed and good bedding are very important for a good sleep. It is much more useful to sleep on a spring moderately hard mattress, on cotton bed linen, a hard cushion with natural fillers (rice, buckwheat husks or dry grass) and under a wool blanket. Due to the mattress and pillow, the normal position of the spine remains, and due to the natural fabric of bed linen – body heat and air exchange.

Sleeping is best completely naked. It perfectly acts on the skin and allows it to fully breathe during sleep. If the room is cool, then it is better to take cover with an extra blanket or blanket. To fall asleep better on the right side and only occasionally on the back. Sleep on the abdomen is considered undesirable, because it changes the natural position of the spine and internal organs, thereby violating their blood supply.

Fresh and moist air will make the dream deeper and more continuous. To do this, it is necessary to ventilate the room before going to bed, and, if possible, leave the window open for the whole night. For humidity, you can hang a wet towel at the window or put a jar of water.

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