“Russian” collection of jewels Chanel

A collection of luxurious ornaments Inspiration Russe, dedicated to the great Russian, with whom Gabriel Chanel had a long friendship.



Seven works of high-quality jewelry entered the special collection Chanel with the spoken name Inspiration Russe. Each of the jewelry is dedicated to the history of friendship of the Great Mademoiselle with our great compatriots. First of all, of course, people of art. Strict luxury bracelets and rings of white gold with rubies and diamonds – a tribute to Igor Stravinsky. The eastern theme was reflected in a pair of jewelry from bright gems dedicated to the creator of the”Russian Seasons” Sergei Diaghilev, and a laconic bracelet of yellow gold with diamonds and pearls – the best dancer of his ballet troupe Vaclav Nezhinsky. Finally, the regal ring and bracelet with large diamonds became a memory of the friendship of Gabriel Chanel with the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov.


The Inspiration Russe collection can already be seen in the boutique Chanel on Petrovka.

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