Salon procedures for weight loss

Salon procedures for weight loss

      The most popular types of”slimming” procedures include mesotherapy, lymph drainage, massage, wraps and ultrasound therapy. Some salons also offer non-surgical liposuction. Before you go to the salon, go to the doctor – take a survey, perhaps you have a disease that you do not know about, but in which you can be contraindicated certain types of procedures.


Through a thin catheter under vacuum, excess fat is sucked from under the skin. After the procedure for six months you will need to wear special underwear or bandages. Remember that this procedure is not an operation, but it is complex and is a stress for the body. You can do it only in the salon that you completely trust. In addition, if you do not comply with the correct diet, excess pounds will be returned to its place.


Using a thin needle under the skin of problem zones, a special cocktail is introduced, which destroys the fatty deposits. Such cocktails include biologically active substances, vitamins, microelements, medicinal substances, venotonics and lymphotonia. The usual course is 8-10 sessions once every 7-10 days. During the course of mesotherapy you can not do massage, visit the sauna and bath. Mesotherapy is contraindicated in allergies, oncological or blood diseases, epilepsy, herpes, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.


The most popular, proven and effective method. Acupressure effectively reduces body weight. It is done by acting on certain points of the body. Acupressure reduces appetite and thus prevents the deposition of extra pounds. Anti-cellulite massage – used to destroy the fatty layer of problem areas, eliminates the appearance of cellulite and removes excess kilograms. Swedish massage is performed with the help of essential oils. A very effective form of massage to destroy fat deposits. It also stimulates blood circulation. Any kind of massage can not be carried out at elevated temperature, burns, wounds, bruises, varicose, cancer, fractures, and in the first trimester of pregnancy

Lymphatic drainage

This procedure in a certain sequence stimulates the muscles, which has a beneficial effect on lymph drainage, activates blood circulation, stagnant processes in tissues become much weaker, toxins are eliminated, puffiness decreases. With the help of lymph drainage, excess fluid is extracted from the intercellular space and the contours of the body are improved. To the effect of the procedure increased, drink a large amount of water in front of it: then the toxins are easily released from the body.

Ultrasound therapy

Very effective hardware method to combat cellulite and excess body fat. Allows you to plan an individual program. It works as follows: with the help of high-frequency sound vibrations, it activates the metabolism, improves cellular metabolism, accelerates the outflow of lymph and the formation of collagen and elastin. Ultrasound breaks the fat cells and fights cellulite well.


Wraps are hot and cold. Hot creates the effect of the sauna, and the cold narrows the blood vessels and capillaries. For wrapping used: seaweed, mud, clay, sea salt, plant extracts, essential oils, chocolate and much more. This type of treatment works well with cellulite, fights fat, reduces volume, removes excess fluid and toxins, smoothes and nourishes the skin.

But, whichever procedure you prefer, it is important to keep fit with proper nutrition and physical exercise, at least pedestrian walks in the fresh air. Otherwise, all efforts will be futile.

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