Secrets of beautiful nails

Secrets of beautiful nails

      Beautiful well-groomed nails – the ultimate dream of most of the fair sex. It is very important that the nails are always strong and healthy, so many ladies often visit a manicurist who can help his clients to put their nails in order.

A rather popular procedure in recent years is the build-up of nails, despite the fact that it is essentially an intrusion into the human body, having a certain influence on its internal state. In the event that a woman has diabetes mellitus, heart and vascular disease, hormonal imbalance, she will not be able to expose her nails to enlargement, as they will not be firmly in place. In addition, you should not build nails, if you take antibiotics.

Few girls can boast of their nails today. Bad ecology, low stress resistance of the body, use of various medications, crazy rhythm of life – all this is the reason for their fragility. To avoid this, nails need basic care.

You can not overload your nails, because they are not too strong. It is necessary to be very careful with the nails when doing sports, and also when you open the door of the car. Of course, do not also use nails as a bottle opener, because there are special tools for this.

If you want to make your nails stronger, your assistant can be a specialized curative lacquer or gel that can be used instead of varnished varnishes. Special resins in such substances will help high concentration of vitamins to penetrate faster into the nails and make them more healthy and durable. If you need to go somewhere urgently, and your nails do not look very presentable, you can first apply a therapeutic varnish or gel on them, and then cover them with the usual varnish of any color. So you will help your nails get necessary help, and, hiding the shortcomings, make those around them admire.

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