Seven ways to quickly enlarge the chest

Seven ways to quickly enlarge the chest

The first exercise!

In a standing position, legs are shoulder width apart, pull your arms out in front of you, as if you are going to clap. Your task is to squeeze one palm on the other as hard as possible. If you perform this exercise qualitatively, after a while you will feel how the pectoral muscles strain. Do 15 sets a day, and after one month your breasts will change. It will become high and elastic.

The second exercise!

Take the original position – lying on your back and pick up dumbbells weighing one kilogram. Fifteen times, lift the dumbbells up and lower them to your chest. Keep in mind that the elbows need to be planted in the sides.

The third exercise!

Take the initial position – lying on your stomach on the sports bench. Legs straight out, pick up dumbbells weighing one kilogram. Lower the dumbbells to the floor, and then straighten out the arms outward, repeat fifteen times.

The fourth exercise

The starting position is standing, the legs are shoulder width apart. With one hand, rest on the back of the chair, and the second, in which you hold a dumbbell weighing two kilograms, gradually lower it to the floor, then bring it to your chest. Do this exercise fifteen times.

The fifth exercise!

Dumbbells weighing two kilograms are also useful here. Take them in each hand, place your feet for stability on the width of the shoulders. Hands stretch forward palms upwards and begin to bend them in elbows. The effect of the exercise will be higher if you try to keep your hands in a horizontal position.

Sixth exercise!

This is a fairly easy, but effective exercise. In each hand, take a two-kilogram dumbbell, put your feet on the width of your shoulders and start waving your arms in the likeness of movement with scissors. But try to do it not too widely and with straight arms. Because this is the effectiveness of the exercise.

The seventh exercise!

This exercise can be called as pushing against the wall. At first it may seem very simple. But actually quite effective. Take the starting position – standing, rest your elbows on the wall. And start vertical push-ups, trying to reach the wall with your chest. It is necessary to try hard, but the final result is worth it.

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