Sex in old age

Sex in old age

Naturally, old age is accompanied by a number of physical and emotional problems. But these problems are not insurmountable, much less should not become an obstacle to enjoying sexual life.

Unfortunately, sexual intercourse in 70 or 80 years can not be as intense as in 20 or 30, but nothing prevents it from making quality and enjoyable. Over the years you feel wiser, thoroughly studied yourself and your partner, open to sensual sex. Older people are much more self-confident, they are freed from unrealistic ideals and prejudices, they are able to relax and enjoy each other.

There are also disadvantages. Some elderly people feel uncomfortable, because their body and genitals do not look as attractive as they were in youth, their sexual function weakens, and illnesses or loss of a partner completely nullify sex life. You can avoid disappointments in sex, while remaining active and maintaining your physical form. Sometimes for this it is required to decide on new experiments, to change the way of life, it may be necessary to seek professional help. You can do a lot to compensate for the natural processes that occur with age.

As you grow older, the two things that brought the greatest joy in life – children and careers – fade into the background. Personal relationships often become more important, and sex can be an important way of emotionally”charging”. Sex in old age allows:

– improve mental and physical health. This is a mild physical load, accompanied by the production of endorphins and contributes to reducing anxiety.

– increase life expectancy.

– Strengthen the relationship. Sex in the age gives the opportunity to experience the greatest closeness and deepest feelings.

– take your mind off the bustle. Sex, as an exciting intimate attraction, makes it possible to forget about the harsh realities of reality.

Sex in old age can be more enjoyable than ever. How to make it unforgettable?

– Take advantage of the experience. Regardless of sex, you can feel much better and more attractive in your 70-year-old body than you were at 22 years of age. Now you know yourself more, tried many things, you have taken place, and you are happy. At the same time, you have long accepted changes in your body and perceive them in a natural way.

– Communicate with your partner. Straight talk about sex will not be easy, but communication on intimate topics will help both of you feel closer and make sex more enjoyable. Even the process of talking about sex can make you sexier. Playfulness, humor, forbidden topics – all this will only add”peppercorns” to your sex life.

– Focus on the intimacy of the process, not on physical contact. Sexual relations at any age mean much more than just sexual intercourse. It`s smells, and psychological closeness, and touch. Throw away your complexes, focus on feelings, tenderness and affection.

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