Shoes for a dress of a color of a sea wave

Shoes to a dress of a color of a sea wave

      The aqua-color dress is great for brunettes, redheads and brown-haired. The rich and deep shade of the dress, competently supplemented with appropriate accessories and shoes, is able to emphasize the natural beauty and shine of the hair of its owner.

A win-win option for a sea wave dress of almost any style is shoes or sandals of snow-white, milky and silvery colors. These rather reserved shades can fully emphasize the depth and richness of your outfit. For official events and social occasions, choose classic shoes with beige or flesh-colored color with high heels. Supplement the image with a small handbag (reticule, clutch, envelope) in the tone of the shoes.

For a small satin seashell dress, look for elegant shoes of noble bronze or gold shades. In combination with an unusual handbag without a handle and jewelry made of pearls, they will create a bright and unique image of a woman who knows what she wants from life.

A short knitted aqua dress, decorated with a dark print, fantasy ornament or geometric patterns, boldly combine with shoes, boots, or boots of chocolate, tan, coffee and black colors. Choose among the unusual necklaces, earrings, bracelets, as well as bag-bag, in harmony with the color of shoes, and boldly go to a meeting with a loved one or a friendly party.

Light chiffon dress or summer sundress of the color of the sea wave looks very impressive in combination with bright yellow, cornflower and even orange shoes and sandals. Such an outfit, complemented by bright decorations and make-up, will give you a self-confident person, cheerfully up-to-date with the times.

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