Shoes: get up on heels

Shoes: get up on his heels

If there is no experience, then start with a small heel (about 5 cm). Walk around the house, no less than an hour a day. After training, you need to take care of tired legs, for example, making a bath with herbs. Great for a decoction of St. John`s wort or just black tea. After a week and a half you can practice walking with a higher heel.

If there is no time to work out the gait for weeks, do not despair! There are several tips for you. To begin with, you need to work out the gait barefoot: step from the heel to the toe and fix the leg in the”on the toe,” then go the other leg. In half an hour of such training you will understand and work out the principle of walking on heels. On heels, in no case should you not stoop, even if you are fatally tired! To learn how to straighten your shoulders and keep your back straight, put a book on your head and try to walk so that it does not fall. Doing this exercise, you will learn how to walk”on the machine” without thinking how to put your foot.

To develop the flexibility of the foot and remove the fatigue of the feet will help a simple exercise – you need to roll a bottle on the floor.

To make the gait more flying, try to step on the heel as easily as possible, touching the ground a little. And if during a walk to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and the press, then you can reduce fatigue in the legs and back. And do not try to repeat the gait of the top models from the TV – it is not applicable in everyday life, even the models go absolutely differently in their days off

It is very important to choose the right shoes – it should support not only the toe, but the entire foot. Performing all the exercises and adhering to all the rules, perhaps you can not only gracefully walk on his heels, but also to run !

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