Sibarit, food program

Sibarit, nutrition program

  INTENSIVE STAGE. This stage lasts from one to four weeks. At the same time weight loss in a week from a pound to 2 kg, a more intense loss can adversely affect your health. Any diet that limits the diet in consuming calories can lead to gastritis, ulceration, or”disruption” of the body as a whole. So it is not recommended to fast fast, it is better to eat raw cabbage or carrots, which contain a small amount of carbohydrates.

Cocktail preparation for one day`s norm:

-500g soft curd: fat 0-0.6%, protein 8-10 g per 100 g.

– berries or fruit with a quantity of 2.5 cu. this is a”conditional apple”, absolutely any fruit, or a portion of it, the size of an ordinary average apple of 150-170 g, containing 12-17 g of carbohydrates. It can be a pear, a nectarine, a peach, a slice of melon, a mandarin, several apricots, grapes, plums, some berries, etc. For every 100 g portions of cottage cheese we put 0,5 у.я. For 500 grams of cottage cheese, 375-400 g of fruit or 2.5 cu are required, the amount of carbohydrates is no more than 40 grams

– On a fine grater, grate the fruit together with the edible peel. Oranges and similar fruits should be freed from the skin. Add the cottage cheese, mix until smooth. The blender will make the cooking easier. Sugar, as well as sugar substitutes, is prohibited.

The resulting cocktail should be divided into five portions. Use the cocktail should be slowly, with a small spoon.

In addition to this cocktail, for a day at an intensive stage you will need:

• Grain dish: 60 grams of bran or grain bread or porridge of coarse millet, oatmeal, buckwheat, boiled string beans or peas (200-250 g).

• Protein dish: 150 g of boiled low-fat meat (preferably white poultry meat) or 2 boiled eggs.

• Stewed and uncooked vegetables without starch (potatoes are excluded from the diet). Pumpkin, carrots, beets are allowed only in raw form.

• Fat: unrefined vegetable oil in the amount of 3 teaspoons.

• Nuts: three large pieces of hazelnut or almonds, or two halves of walnut.

• Cocoa: two teaspoons of cocoa without sugar, skim milk.

Power Mode:

Breakfast №1: Two servings of COCTAIL SIBARIT 180 ml + coffee or tea without sugar.

Breakfast # 2: Grain dish + large salad of raw vegetables with a teaspoon of lean oil + nuts or olives. Half an hour before dinner should take 1 serving of cocktail (180 ml).

Lunch: Protein dish + large salad of raw vegetables with a teaspoon of oil + boiled or baked vegetables. The number of non-starch vegetables is not limited. If possible, refrain from drinking salt.

Dinner: Two servings of SIBARITE COCKTAIL (360 ml). In the evening it is recommended to drink a cup of cocoa without sugar.

THE SUPPORTING STAGE. How hard it is to abstain from the previous mode of eating at an intensive stage, but it is much harder to keep the results of a debilitating diet after going through this stage. At this stage of the program, the diet should include three servings of a cocktail for one day. Sources of protein should be low-fat, and in salads, cereals and others should be added vegetable oil not more than one tablespoon per day. Many”break” at this stage. Also, the amount of protein and carbohydrates in the diet should be slightly added, and it is recommended to increase physical activity in the form of running, swimming, jumping rope. Since all this will be debilitating for the body, you should spend more time for sleep.

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