Skin care for the armpits

Armpit Skin Care

Well-groomed armpits are clean shaven armpits. The skin in this area will be clean if heated hair is used to remove hair. Often after depilation, there are pimples. Their appearance can be prevented with a special gel or cream.

In addition to wax, there are many other options for removing underarm hair. The most simple and economical option is the machine and shaving gel. The danger of this method is that a blunt blade can cause ingrown hair, inflammation of the skin and its pigmentation. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the blade at the time.

The hair of the armpits can be removed using photo epilation. It will take only four procedures to forget about unwanted vegetation for a few years.

From time to time, as a result of depilation, ingrown hairs may appear. To delete them is not difficult. First, the hair is shaved off by the depilator, after which the skin is scrubbed and circular movements remove the top layer of dry skin. Cleaned skin underarms moisturize with a special cream, gel or lotion. After this procedure, the upper layer of the epidermis descends and the ingrown hair is released.

If the hair has grown deeply and the scrub does not help, gently pry the hair with a needle and pull it out with tweezers. At the end of the procedure, the affected area of ​​the skin should be treated with alcohol or tincture of calendula.

Sometimes, the skin of the armpits darkens. Do not listen to advice about the effect of soda or lemon. It is a myth. Darkening will only intensify. Therefore, to solve the problem of darkened skin underarms will help only the dermatologist.

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