Skin peeling on the legs: what are the reasons?

Peeling of the skin on the legs: what are the reasons?

      The most common cause of scaling of the skin of the legs is their excessive dryness. If in winter time you heat the room too much, without worrying about additional moistening of the air, the skin gradually loses its moisture, becomes dry and irritable. In addition, a violation of the water-lipid balance can contribute to the appearance of cracks on the heels, which cause discomfort and pain.

Often the skin is scraped and cracks are provoked by close synthetic clothes and shoes, in which a person is forced to stay for the whole working day.

Appearance of scaling on the skin of the legs can be promoted by age-related changes in the body or the lack of a certain group of vitamins and trace elements (especially important for the skin of zinc), as well as special fatty omega-3 acids. In this case, regular balanced nutrition and taking multivitamin complexes will come to the rescue.

In some cases, dry scaly skin of the legs may be caused by a fungal infection. If you are concerned about the constant itching in the area of ​​the foot and between the fingers, be sure to consult a dermatologist. He will give you the necessary laboratory tests that will exclude or confirm the presence of infection.

In addition, peeling of the skin of the legs can be caused by the following diseases: erythroid and exfoliative dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, Kawasaki disease (more common in children and adolescents). In such cases it is necessary to carry out complex treatment under the strict supervision of specialists.

Damage to the skin of the legs can also be triggered by an allergic reaction of the body to certain foods, cosmetic and medical products. Other factors that can cause peeling are severe nervous breakdown, stress and systematic emotional overload. Such phenomena should also not be left without a doctor`s attention.

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