SOLVING FREE: new fragrances for her and for him Avon Free

SOLVING FREE: new fragrances for her and for him Avon Free


Avon Free – paired fragrances for a new generation of girls and young people. What are they? Bold, decisive, free. Those who vividly express their individuality and live by their own rules: the architects of their own future. They say: decide to # live for yours ! – And they do it.

What do modern young people want to feel every day? Resolve – for new interesting acquaintances, the embodiment of bold ideas and the disclosure of their individuality. 76% of the girls agreed that the flavor of Avon Free gives them determination. *

Which notes create an atmosphere of freedom and determination? In the perfumery water Avon Free for her – gentle notes of pear granite, magnolia and amber. In the toilet water Avon Free for him – juicy and daring mix of ginger, violet leaves and musk.

What do people of the new century appreciate? Confidence in quality. Therefore, the Avon Free perfume is created on the basis of a special stable formula that allows you to keep a bright scent on your skin and clothes for up to 8 hours.

And what is more important: content or form? Both! The bright characters of the flavors of Avon Free are reflected in the equally striking design of the futuristic bottle, literally turned upside down.

Avon Free paired flavors will be presented for the first time in the new Avon catalog No. 8/2017. The cost of each flavor of Avon Free is 859 rubles. (start of sales – August 15, 2017).

* Based on the study of consumer perception № 16-601 with the participation of 150 girls aged 18 to 35 years in the territory of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the period from 28.04.2016 to 08.05.2016 »

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