SPA-care at home

SPA-care at home

First of all, you must stock up in advance with environmentally acceptable and natural means. After that, you can go directly to the procedure itself, first focusing on the tools that are necessary for it. In a hot or warm bath (as you like) you need to pour about a liter of milk. Acquire it in proven retail outlets. Your beautiful body deserves to luxuriate in natural milk.

It takes about twenty minutes to take a bath with milk, at the same time you can create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation, include slow music, light candles, dim the lights and think about something good. It`s best to do this in total silence: turn off everything that makes noise, turn off the phones, enjoy the natural sounds. Ideally, if you will be at home all alone, so you do not interfere with rest.

Enjoy your own sense of smell with aromatic oils, citrus smells, absolutely everything.

Pamper your taste buds: pour yourself a favorite drink, take the chocolate and fruits that you prefer. All days eat only your favorite but light meals. It should be salads, a little meat and fish.

Now go directly to the cosmetic procedures. You will definitely need special products containing sea products. At the very beginning, perform a body peeling – this will give him the opportunity to optimally absorb the cosmetic products that will be used in the future, and will open the pores for air.

Take the sea salt and rub it lightly into the skin, which has already had enough to moisturize or properly, treat it with a scrub. The optimum means will be a decoction from a herculea porridge for the face, and for the body – from corn.

Then, after thoroughly washing off the scrub, get out of the bathroom and proceed to further moisturize the skin. In general, the whole process of spa care should take no more than forty minutes, otherwise there is a risk of failure of the heart rate and increased pressure from hot water. The main thing here is not to overdo it! The optimum means for moisturizing can become sesame or olive oil, diluted in water. An atomizer can become an excellent helper.

In addition, you can make an anti-cellulite massage yourself, for this, about five drops of grapefruit oil pour into ten milligrams of olive oil and mix thoroughly. The mixture is rubbed into the problem areas of the body, while doing zigzag massage movements.
Then wrap yourself in a soft home dressing gown. Such procedures are best done at night, as it is known that sleep is a continuation of the”glee” of the body.

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