Stone oil: chemical composition, use and contraindications

Stone Oil: Chemical Composition, Application and Contraindications

Stone oil is a white and yellow formation found in the mountains. By chemical nature it is a natural alum containing a huge number of important elements – iron, copper, zinc, selenium, nickel, chromium, manganese, vanadium, cobalt, titanium. Along with this, in stone oil there are no dangerous concentrations of arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead.

Application in folk medicine!

This oil for its healing power is equated with the famous mummy. The healing properties of stone oil were known thousands of years ago and are used today.

This substance is used for almost all diseases, as it contributes to the enhancement of the protective functions of the whole organism. With its application, a very rapid regeneration of the skin, bone tissue, mucous membranes.

Stone oil is treated with fractures, cuts, bruises, bleeding, sinusitis, gastritis, enterocolitis, bloody diarrhea, stomach ulcer, bladder inflammation, kidney stones, sciatica, diabetes mellitus, gum bleeding, salt deposition, skin diseases , burns, urticaria, fibromyoma, erosion, inflammation of the appendages, purulent pneumonia, tuberculosis, tumors, hemorrhoids, stroke, epilepsy. It is used for poisoning, frostbite, diseases of the oral cavity.

This substance looks like pebbles, for treatment they need to be crushed into powder and dissolved in water. The solution is prepared by calculating 3 g of oil per 3 liters of water. Inside take 1 tablespoon three times a day. The resulting yellow precipitate can be expressed and used externally for lotions and compresses. Before treatment, you need to know the reaction of the body to this drug, for this at the beginning of the treatment to apply it in very small doses and in a weak concentration for several days in a row.

With stones in the kidneys, female diseases, sedimentation of salts, 3 g of rock oil are poured into 2 liters of water and take a couple of weeks, then 3 g per 1 liter of water, take as much. After a break is mandatory for 1 month, the course is repeated 2-3 times.

For burns, frostbite, sinusitis, skin cancer, make a solution of 3 g of oil in 300 ml of water.

For cancer, lung inflammation, uterine myoma, erosion, dissolve 3 g of the substance in a liter of water. Take a glass three times a day. The course of treatment is 6 months.

With erosion, myome stone oil solution is used for tampons at night.


Stone oil has a very strong choleretic effect, therefore it is contraindicated in case of mechanical jaundice.

Do not take it with constipation, first you need to provide a daily chair with a diet, enemas or sour-milk products. In addition, during the reception of stone oil, you can not use black tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, alcohol, antibiotics, any meat, except beef, as well as radish and radish.

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