Striving for excellence is justified risk?

Striving for excellence is a justifiable risk?

Now with the development of modern medicine and cosmetology, women can change a lot in their appearance. If you have the opportunity, then the eyes just run from the sentences: you can make yourself a big beautiful chest, remove excess fat, tighten the skin on the face and body, and fix the shape of the nose, ears and lips. Which of these operations are worth agreeing to ?!

Breast plastic surgery. Now one of the most common operations in women. The desire to have a bigger breast to ladies at all times was inherent, now there are no prohibitions for this. Want a big breast – please. And although plastic surgeons vied with one another about the absolute safety of this procedure, it is still not entirely true. Implants, like foreign bodies, cause a reaction of your body`s immune system, and since they will continue to be where the surgeon left them, this reaction will last for years, poisoning you from within. In addition, there is always a risk of infection during surgery and damage to the implant after it. In fact, unlike a real breast, a silicone ball can not heal, but simply flow into the cavity of your body, thus creating serious complications for health. Do you prefer to take a chance? Are you sure that your life and the subsequent health of that are worth?

Facelift. Many women resort to this procedure to regain the rapidly disappearing youth. However, few people think that with age on the face there are mimic wrinkles, which make the appearance special. Nobody says that you need to become like a shar pei, but after a facelift you will not be yourself. You may become younger, but your face will be someone else`s. Do you really need this ?!

Correction of the shape of the nose and lips makes sense only if these parts of your face have obvious defects. The nose with a bump is not very beautiful and if the girl wants to change its shape, it is not worth it. As for the shape of the lips, here, of course, the matter of personal predilections. To live and be happy it is quite possible and without lips at all, but if you really want, their shape can be corrected. Just remember the following: such seemingly innocuous operations are still a surgical intervention, but without a trace it never passes. Silicone in the lips can also flow into the adjacent cavities and decorate your face with a tumor in the most unsightly place. And if you are artificially destroyed by the nasal septum and the implants are inserted into it, a long time you may be tormented by headaches and shortness of breath.

If you want to be beautiful – it`s wonderful. But just remember that the beauty of a woman is primarily in her personality. Ideal faces are not beautiful in themselves, but attractive facial features make it just some kind of their discrepancy to the ideal. Do not try to be perfect, it`s better to remain yourself and love yourself for who you are.

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