Summer Insomnia: How to Fight

Summer insomnia: how to fight

In the winter, increased drowsiness seems natural, and even if your day regimen is very stressful, stressful work, you can still get more or less sleep, because when it`s cold, everyone constantly wants to sleep. You just lie down and fall asleep. In summer everything becomes much more complicated. It becomes really difficult to sleep. Constant lack of sleep, along with heat, leads to the fact that sensitive people for days can get a headache, fatigue does not go round the clock, and the body is in a state of severe stress.

A good option to deal with this can be air conditioning, but with it you can have their own difficulties. If you misconfigure it, you can overdo it at night, and a cold in the heat – it`s still a nightmare. The air conditioner must be one that automatically maintains the room temperature within the preset setting.

For those who do not have air conditioning, you should come home and open all the windows and balcony. Let the draft pass through the house, but all the rooms will be ventilated. Then go to the shower. Water procedures refresh the body, restore strength to the tired body, while relaxing it. If there are mosquitoes or flies, use fumigators and mosquito nets. After all, often, even if you can get to sleep, the squeak of a mosquito can wake you up in the middle of the night and prevent you from falling asleep until the morning.

Before going to sleep, calm down. Deeply and calmly breathe, do an evening examining gymnastics. Massage can greatly improve the situation.

A very important part of preparing for bed is dinner. Try to eat light foods that are quickly digested. These are vegetables, cereals, greens, boiled eggs, cheeses, milk or fruit. Do not mix products that then cause fermentation in the stomach. Cereals help to relax the body, milk and cheeses cause drowsiness, and onions and garlic have sedative properties. Do not go to bed before drinking black tea or coffee, eat chocolate, spicy spices, drink alcoholic beverages. Do not overeat, otherwise a full stomach will not let you sleep peacefully.

Do not get carried away by medications for insomnia. It is better to do without them, as far as possible. Proper nutrition can often bring a much greater effect than a sleeping pill. If you still can not do without sleeping pills, then consult your doctor about which pills are best for you.

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