The art of living in jewels QUBE-collection from ROBERTO BRAVO

The art of living in jewels QUBE-collection from ROBERTO BRAVO


Already more than a hundred years have passed since the art critic Louis Vauxel called the new paintings of Braque”cubic fads” (bizarreries cubiques). So there was a term for a new direction in art, which, first of all, is associated with the name of Pablo Picasso. Once Paul Cezanne recommended the artist to view nature as a collection of simple forms that must be kept in consciousness as the organizing principle of the picture. Picasso agreed. So there was”Guernica”,”Three Musicians” and”Sleeping Woman”.

Jewelers Roberto Bravo also agreed. So there was the Q Collection. Laconic gold jewelry is a precious version of painting, and the bright color and radiance in topaz, diamonds and sapphires, in the words of Picasso himself, plays a role insofar as they help to represent volumes. We suggest mastering the art of living through jewels !

New Year campaign

Traditional New Year discounts in ROBERTO BRAVO have already begun !

New Year is a holiday loved by all of us. We are waiting for the magic, we care about how to turn New Year`s Eve into a special event, how to please your loved ones with bright, extraordinary gifts …

ROBERTO BRAVO invites you to New Year discounts !

From November 25, discounts up to 50% on the best collections of the brand and as a gift an additional privilege -“-10%” for the second purchase. Privilege can be used until March 15, 2017

New Year`s drawing of five gold pendants from the collections of Gallica, White Dreams, Global Warming, Golden Line and Phalanta.

Conditions specify in the Salons ROBERTO BRAVO !

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