The Body Shop violates perfume rules: a new aroma-provocation

The Body Shop violates perfume rules: a new flavor-provocation

Red Musk – flavor-provocation, fragrance-scandal. A fragrance that breaks all the rules and overturns the classic idea of ​​a woman`s perfume. No flowers – only sensual musk and a hot combination of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. For girls who are not afraid to challenge the ordinary and stand out from the crowd. Now Red Musk – one of the few female fragrances without floral notes and the most unconventional flavor in the collection of the brand. The author of the fragrance is perfumer Korin Kashen.

The top note of aroma is the burning pepper. The dried red pepper, dried in the hot sun, is processed by steam distillation to preserve its bright, burning aroma. Heart note – warm cinnamon. Cinnamon is a widely known aphrodisiac, it adds perfume composition to depth and sensuality. Its sweetish and at the same time spicy aroma is intriguing and enchanting. The note of the train is tobacco. Traditionally used in men`s perfumery is a tobacco chord – a timeless classic, like a small black dress or red lipstick for a woman. This”smoky” note gives the aroma a unique charm.

The collection includes oil and perfume water in 2 formats, packed in a luxurious scarlet box.

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