The image of Monica Bellucci

The image of Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci – from this environment. She was born in Italy, in the city of Citta di Castello, on September 30, 1964. At the end of the school, Monica intended to become a lawyer and, in order to achieve this goal, she began to work as a model. After becoming involved in the modeling business and dropping out of school, in 1988 she moved to Milan, where she signed a contract with the modeling agency Elite, and a year later became the face of the famous Italian fashion brand D & G.

Having made a good career in the modeling business, Monica is not satisfied with what has been achieved and decides to become an actress. The debut took place in 1990 in Italian cinema. Her first paintings:”Life with sons”,”Abuse”,”Bandits”.

In 1992, at the invitation of Francis Coppola, Monica goes to Hollywood, where she plays the role of the bride of Dracula in the film of the same name. And in 1996 he received the first major role in the film directed by Gilles Mimun -“Apartment” and the”Cesar” award for the role of Lisa in this film. On the set of this film, Monica meets Vincent Cassel, her future spouse, with whom she starred in several films: Doberman, Irreversible, The Brotherhood of the Wolf, and others.
The sensuality peculiar to Monica is manifested in every film with her participation.

Having earned the glory of the worldwide model, Monica Bellucci reaches the heights of a first-class actress. Her beauty and charm conquered millions of people all over the world. In 2004, in the list compiled annually by Ask Men`s, Monica is one of the first among the 99 most beautiful women in the world.

A feminine, perfect, chic Italian with long silky hair, expressive eyes and sensual lips, drove many men crazy and is still considered the sexiest woman in Italy.
In the style of clothing, Monica prefers the classics: black and gray. He likes hats and beautiful sunglasses. The silky long hair of Monica is her business card. It rarely changes their color.

Recently, Monica took part in photography for ELLE magazine – stars without make-up. The photos turned out extremely posh. Despite the age, the famous actress has preserved a wonderful figure, shining beauty and health, perfect skin and beautiful long hair. It is so wonderful to look at it not only thanks to its natural data, but also by everyday work on appearance. Monica Bellucci is an example of how to appreciate beauty and take care of yourself.

A notable figure in the modeling business, a famous actress and just a beautiful woman, she is also the mother of two girls. The image of Monica Bellucci is her natural virtues, with which she knows the price and makes great efforts to maintain them.

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