The impact of vitamin A on the face

The impact of vitamin A on the face

      In fact, the widespread use of vitamin A in cosmetology began with the treatment of acne, where he demonstrated an enviable effectiveness. It not only minimizes the amount of fat released by the skin, but also reduces the size of the sebaceous glands and reduces the number of microbes that live on the skin.

A pleasant bonus to the disappearance of blackheads was the discovery that small wrinkles that fall into the zone of action of vitamin No. 1, too, have sunk into oblivion. Since then, vitamin A has become widely used as a rejuvenating agent. Its action is based on stimulation of renewal of epithelial cells, as well as activation of the production of collagen and elastin, supporting the elasticity of the skin.

On the lack of vitamin A, facial skin signals dryness, the appearance of fine wrinkles and peeling. This means that you need to urgently adjust your diet and eat more foods that contain this substance. First of all, this liver, egg yolk, cream and, of course, carrots. This vegetable contains beta-carotene, from which the body independently synthesizes vitamin A. To make this process as efficient as possible, carrots should be consumed with sour cream or butter.

To enhance the anti-aging effect, vitamin A is best used not only inward, but also to affect them on the skin from the outside. Nourishing masks from the pulp and juice of carrots, as well as avocados and apricots with the addition of olive oil will help restore the smooth texture of the skin and its radiant appearance.

After 35 years, one carrot with age-related skin changes, which, alas, are inevitable, can not cope. Here, to help women come cosmetic products with vitamin A, which can be recognized by the following components in the composition: retinol, retinol acetate or retinyl palmitate. However, such cosmetics often causes allergic reactions, so before you start to actively use it, you need to make sure of the safety of such remedies for your skin.

Apply a cream with vitamin A on the face better in the evening, since it has the ability to attract sunlight, which adversely affects the skin. Especially shown are such creams in the cold season, when the skin is weakened by weather factors and needs increased protection. An impressive effect is observed with a combination of vitamin A and vitamin C, so all women who want to always remain young and beautiful, it is necessary to take it into service.

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