The most fashionable tattoos for girls

The most fashionable tattoos for girls

      If you are not sure of the desired pattern or changeable in the mood, it is better to pay attention to temporary tattoos. Gradually such a tattoo will come down, and you can apply another. Place on the body for drawing the picture should be selected very carefully. After all, today`s fan of rock concerts in leather coats and metal bracelets in 10 years can become an office manager. An inappropriate tattoo will then become a hindrance to a career. You have to choose a drawing for your style, lifestyle, personal preferences.

Fashion today dictates rules not only for certain images, but also for the places where they are applied. Very popular tattoos on the fingers and hands. Moreover, it can be a small nice stroke, and a drawing that covers the entire brush.

The girls` craving for the tattoo on the lower back remains in the past. But beautiful pictures on the chest or back still continue to attract the beautiful half of humanity. Especially popular tattoos around the nipple or in the form of wings on the shoulder blades.

Steel began to gain momentum and the most inconspicuous, but because the most comfortable tattoo on the feet. They are completely invisible to others, but their soul is warmed by their presence. Their only disadvantage is that they are quickly erased, especially if they are on the heel. Another of the trendy tattoos is a tattoo on the tongue.

But the most fashionable, and besides the unusual tattoo – the ornament of eyeballs. This is either the introduction of coloring pigment with a special needle directly into the apple, or implantation of a small jewelery made of precious metal. It is worth remembering that such operations are very dangerous and can lead to complete blindness. Decide on this step can only the most daring and reckless girls.

Having chosen the drawing and the place of application, it is necessary to remember that you can only entrust your body to a specialist. The amateur is capable of causing irreparable harm to health, and then the long-awaited decoration will become a painful problem.

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