The most unsuccessful cosmetic products

The most unsuccessful cosmetic products

      The most unsuccessful cosmetic products are found both among cheap and among expensive brands. Nevertheless, when buying a well-known elite brand the chance to purchase a substandard product is much less, so try to always buy expensive cosmetics. The producers of Swiss, French, American and Italian cosmetics proved to be the best. Please note that on sales, cosmetics are often not of the best quality, with a past shelf life or stored under the wrong conditions.

It is also important to choose the right store, because there are a lot of fakes in the cosmetic market. It is forgery often”glorify” the goods of a well-known brand (especially widely advertised) as unsuccessful and substandard. On the packaging to distinguish a fake from the original is quite difficult, so buy the goods in specialized solid stores or on official websites, distributors of cosmetic lines.

Reviews or recommendations can be of great help in choosing cosmetics. Read about the product on the Internet, ask friends and acquaintances. However, remember – any of these reviews may be subjective and incorrect. For example, the cream was not approached because of an allergic reaction or a fake came across. However, if you found several negative reviews for the same product – it is better to avoid buying.

Unsuitable for you may be the choice of cosmetics without taking into account the properties of the skin. Before buying, be sure to find out your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive). Read the composition of the drug and make sure that there are no components in it for which you are allergic. If possible, use a probe and perform a sensitivity test, applying the remedy to the inner crook of the elbow. Selection by color is better to perform in the daytime, as artificial lighting distorts colors.

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