The most unusual food predilections of pregnant women

The most unusual eating habits of pregnant women

      Some pregnant women are surprised when they begin to absorb on exorbitant scales those foods that before pregnancy and the spirit could not tolerate. For example, black olives, which one future mommy decorated cheesecake. And the other was depending on the eggplant in the form of a filling for pizza. And earlier she had never eaten this vegetable.

But the desire to eat a certain product is determined by hormonal changes in the body. But other addictions during pregnancy are explained by the lack of a certain substance in the mother`s body, which is necessary for the correct and harmonious development of the fetus. That`s why women surprise themselves and those around them with strange tastes, unusual for them earlier.

Unusual eating habits of pregnant women can be expressed in the excessive absorption of ice slices, cigarette butts or detergent. Native people do not always adequately perceive such tastes and try in every possible way to prevent a woman from using these products. But experts argue that these addictions just indicate a lack of iron in the body.

Also in an amazing list of food addictions you can include chalk. When the development of fetal bones, the woman needs calcium in fairly large quantities. Vitamin-mineral can not always make up for a shortage. Therefore, pregnant women begin to chew chalk. Also, attempts to gain calcium include eating canned meat for animals. But there, in addition to the necessary mineral, there are other useful vitamins and trace elements.

No experts explain the following unusual predilections of pregnant women: coal, dirt, toothpaste, soap and matches. Of course, certain microelements contained in these substances also play a role here. But whether the consumption of these products is dangerous or not, is not indicated anywhere. Nevertheless, if any unusual addiction occurs (especially if you want dirt or soap), it is better to consult a specialist.

To fill the missing elements for the development of the fetus, pregnant women can be prescribed special dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral complexes. Sometimes there are enough simple, grandfather methods. For example, if there is a shortage of fatty acids, a future mother will be recommended to take flaxseed oil.

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