The right set of cosmetics

The right set of cosmetics

      The correct set of cosmetics is first and foremost the remedies chosen reasonably, according to your skin type and appearance. You do not need to become a victim of advertising, buy up a sea of ​​goods in duty-free, tempted by low prices, you do not need to have a sea of ​​raznomartnoy cosmetics that have nowhere to store: it is only allowed to adolescent girls. Choose means should be wisely.

First of all, pay attention to the composition of the product. Try to avoid cosmetics with parabens: these preservatives are potentially carcinogenic. In Russia in recent years, many well-known brands have appeared, in which these and other harmful additives do not exist: both vegan, and luxury, and professional. Avoid cosmetics belonging to the mass-market class, actively advertised (including through catalogs) and attracting low prices. They do not save on health: products of this category are high in the rating of the level of danger EWG (Environmental working group).

Another criterion by which you can call a set of cosmetics right is the amount. As already mentioned, you do not need to buy a ton of money. It is better not to be scattered over small things and acquire several funds – quality and necessary. At the same time, you must have decorative cosmetics for the day and for the evening: two lipsticks (neutral and saturated) or lipstick and shine, eyeliner and shade, etc. If you want your makeup to be impeccable, like you`re just a make-up artist, get a make-up base. Many for some reason ignore this product, although the application of the database does not take much time.

Finally, a couple of general tips. To facilitate the cosmetic bag, you can buy two products in one: lipstick plus blush (for them, however, you will need a brush) or lipstick plus shine. And makeup as a whole turned out not worse, than at professionals, take care also of a correct set of brushes.

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