The whole truth about spirits with pheromones

The whole truth about spirits with pheromones

What are these substances – pheromones? In translation from Greek, pheromone means attracting hormone. The truth is that living beings produce specific substances that carry information in themselves. With the help of olfactory organs, these substances are captured and affect the behavior of other individuals. That the information has been apprehended, it is just necessary to inhale a smell. This is confirmed by numerous studies, some of them quite amusing. For example, at a small airport, researchers sprayed perfume containing female pheromones one of the chairs. Choosing from dozens of other seats, men would sit in it. However, the two men found themselves other places, but they turned out to be unconventional. And further, in the theory of pheromones there are continuous riddles and white spots. Yes, the fact of their existence is no longer in doubt, but many aspects have not been studied so far. For example, their variety, functionality and ability to synthesize.

The existence of sex pheromones caused a real furor in the world. After all, now to attract the opposite sex is enough to sprinkle with spirits! And the world market began to go on sale spirits containing a miracle substance. Only the attitude of buyers to the product is ambiguous: some enthusiastically took the novelty, and others in it were disappointed, and not finding the promised effect.

Sexopathologists have discovered the whole truth about spirits with pheromones and declare that perfume – bait is a deception. But the deception implicated in scientific research. What is it? In the presence of human hormones in the spirits. Scientists have so far failed to find out what they are made of and what exactly is the substance – pheromones. It seems to be splinters of hormones, but what – is unknown. Verified information that someone managed to synthesize human hormones in its pure form, no. So what kind of substance is added to perfume with pheromones, because they are produced in hundreds of thousands of liters?

As a rule, this is a sexual pheromone of wild boars – androstenone. Only the scientists themselves say that even the females of pigs do not excite this hormone, what can we say about people! At best, he catches a female into a stupor than a male and manages to take advantage. Although in experiments on women, this pheromone led very interesting – gave them confidence and inner peace. Who knows, maybe for some women this is not so little – confidence in their abilities? Also, according to the researchers, the placibo effect is also possible, because almost a third of the planet`s people are well suited to suggestion. And if they believe in the miraculous properties of sex spirits with pheromones, then behave more relaxed and liberated.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a universal odor for attracting the opposite sex. That`s all, really.

But do not be upset because of such harmless deception. After all, each of us has our own pheromones, and to exchange them with the opposite sex – it`s enough to approach each other more closely. Act boldly, shorten the distance with people that you like, and you do not need a miracle – a tool that scientists still promise to invent in the near future !

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