Therapeutic mud in cosmetology

Therapeutic mud in cosmetology

      Depending on the place of origin, therapeutic mud can be of different types. They can be acidic, neutral, mineral. In Russia, the most popular therapeutic mud, extracted at the resorts of Anapa: sovkhoz and silt sulphide mud.

Masks based on therapeutic mud have a good antiseptic effect. Mixtures with its use are great for caring for oily and problematic hair. Therapeutic wraps are carried out before washing the head and give the hair a shine and a healthy appearance. If your hair falls out badly, using mud applications will make them stronger and more beautiful.

Very common mud masks for facial and body skin. Their advantage is natural origin. Therapeutic mud contains a unique complex of vitamins, microelements, bactericides and other active ingredients. Mineral composition of therapeutic mud is very useful for the skin, its biologically active components stimulate the work of all metabolic processes, improve the blood circulation of the skin, remove redness, irritation and inflammation. The mud mask applied to the skin penetrates deep into the pores and cleans them from the inside. Dirt is able to dissolve sebaceous plugs in the upper layer of the skin (comedones) and painlessly remove them outside. Such masks make the skin more elastic, smooth and reduce wrinkles, and also can slow down the aging process of the body.

There are a number of cosmetic procedures based on the use of therapeutic mud. In thalassotherapy, useful sea mud is actively used. The method of peloidotherapy (mud therapy) is to use mud baths, as well as local and general masks and wraps. Mud packs help in the fight against cellulite, stretch marks, overweight, and also improve the appearance of the skin of the body. Often they are combined with aromatherapy and various massages.

However, remember that it is better to refuse the use of curative mud if a person has malignant neoplasms, an open form of tuberculosis, severe heart disease and an individual intolerance. Before the cosmetic procedure, check the skin reaction to the proposed composition of the product.

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