To clean the nail polish: how to do it safely and correctly

Erase the nail polish: how right and safe

Traditionally, it is customary to remove nail polish with a nail polish remover. The main requirement in this case is a competent choice of the erasing composition – liquids for removing varnish can be acetone-containing or consist of alternative chemical components. Liquids with acetone act quickly, instantly escaping, but they are unsafe for the structure of the nail plate and cause brittle nails. Despite the fact that the content of acetone in such lacquer solvents is acceptable, the carcinogenic properties of the substance do not change from this. Some chemicals that dissolve the varnish are not so toxic and contain moisturizing and vitamin supplements – liquids based on ethyl acetate and amyl acetate.

Before removing the varnish it is useful to wash your hands with a soap solution with the addition of a pinch of salt – this is a simultaneous nail protection and degreasing of the surfaces, which facilitates the further procedure. Use solvents properly – remove the coating conveniently with cotton swabs. They should be moistened in a liquid to remove the varnish, gently hold the nail plate and remove the coating. Movements should be made in the direction from the base of the nail to the tip. If the nails have decorative elements or the coating is multilayered, then you can leave a tampon on the surface of the nail for a while. Soluble particles of varnish should be removed with a new swab. After the procedure, the hands should be thoroughly washed and applied to the skin and nails with a nourishing cream.

Special means for removing excess lacquer with manicure will help to clean the cuticle and the surrounding skin of the skin – a pencil for correcting the varnish with a thin tip allows you to remove all the minor drawbacks of manicure. To remove varnish from nails, there is a lotion-balm with milk protein and calcium. It is applied to the surface of the nail and left for a time, allowing to soak. Then remove as a usual means for removing the varnish.

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