Top 10 ways to increase your breasts

10 Best Ways to Increase Breasts

1. One of the most simple and affordable ways to increase breasts is a gel that stimulates breast growth. This remedy gives a short-term effect, caused by increased blood flow in the chest area.

2. Use of special pills for breast augmentation, which can be purchased at pharmacies. They include natural hormones estrogens and natural herbs. For 2 months of the use of tablets, you can increase your breasts by one size.

3. Applying firming creams. They last a little longer than cosmetic gels – up to several days. This method is perfect for short-term cruises, trips and exotic resorts.

4.Specialized underwear, called push-up. It will allow women with a modest bust size to look just amazing. Brassieres have an excellent shape, design and are completely safe for health. Finally, he has one drawback – the frustration of a partner, when you remove the miracle of linen.

5. Artistic sunburn, which cosmetologists impose in beauty salons. Through the use of different tones, experts will create the impression of a really lush and sexy chest.

6.Special vacuum bra that increases the size of the breast. To achieve the effect, it must be worn overnight for several months. In the cups of the bra there is a vacuum mechanism that stretches the breast tissue and makes it much larger.

7. Food containing phytoestrogens. Natural estrogens are found in soybeans, cereals and legumes, Brussels sprouts. The effect does not come instantly, but it will be positive and lasting.

8.Special exercise for the muscles of the chest. Undoubtedly, hard work will reward you with the desired result.

9. Hypnotherapy. It is believed that the hypnotist is able to get your fat cells to move to the chest area. If you succumb to hypnosis – perhaps this method suits you.

10. Silicone inserts used in bras. They can significantly increase the chest. The drawback is the same as in the push-up models – partner`s disappointment.

These ten ways will increase your breasts without causing harm to your health, as opposed to surgery. They are accessible and effective enough. And you can finally be proud of your forms.

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