Trousers-riding breeches 2013: exquisite extravagance

Trousers-riding breeches 2013: exquisite extravagance

      Women`s trousers-riding breeches-2013 are sewn from silk, cotton or viscose. Women`s pants can be worn at a business meeting, and active women will also appreciate models of riding breeches that tightly fit the ankles or shin, making the image stern but not prim.
Also in this season, riding breeches-jeans for girls are very popular.

Short girls should be careful about trousers, riding breeches, as they”steal” growth, visually making their mistress even lower.

Stylish breeches in the new season can be either monophonic or bright. Beige, cream, purple, bright pink, yellow, blue and gray trousers will create a wonderful ensemble for everyday life and entertainment. Stylish trousers-breeches with a geometric print or oriental pattern are ideal for active and mobile girls.

Trousers-breeches: variety of cut

In the new year, women`s trousers-breeches differ in variety and originality of cut – in fashion sports pants, winter trousers-riding breeches, as well as models with odor, wrinkles, patch pockets, wide belts and so on. In 2013, the designers moved away from the traditional classics of cut and decoration, decorating women`s trousers-breeches with ties, prints, ribbons, appliqués and even bright stickers.

Remember that the stylish trousers-breeches are more street clothes, so they will look lightly in the office or at a corporate meeting – although it all depends on your company`s dress code.

With what to wear trousers-riding breeches

Adult women can wear trousers-riding breeches with different blouses, jackets, jackets. Young girls almost always prefer tops, T-shirts and blouses, which are decorated with prints, drawings and other accessories.

Of shoes for women`s trousers, breeches should choose ankle boots, low-heeled shoes, sports models or shoes with a lot of shiny buckles and rivets.

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