TV + food = extra pounds

TV + food=extra pounds

The harm of eating food in front of the TV is that a keen view of the film contributes to the absorption of a much larger volume of food, which leads to the deposition of fats. Typically, the average percentage of the enlarged portion is 30%. This means that in a normal meal in the kitchen a person eats much less than before a TV.

Moreover, there is a list of programs that activate the work of the stomach and increase the amount of food eaten. To such programs it is necessary to carry horror films, melodramas, advertising. The least”dangerous” programs are programs about nature, travel and animals.

The most dangerous time for a piece is the interval between 23 hours and one in the morning, when the moment of hunger comes. Often a person does not even feel a special sense of hunger, but goes to the kitchen (to the refrigerator) precisely by habit or boredom. That is, any anxiety and anxiety sends a signal to the brain of a person, which becomes the reason for absorbing food, trying to drown out the alarm.

The ideal solution to this problem is to change the mode of the day. For example, it is recommended to go to bed before the onset of anxiety (up to 23 hours). This will not only improve the digestive function, but also a vigorous awakening in the morning. According to statistical data, the greatest capacity for work of a person was fixed in the morning hours. You can also find a useful and exciting lesson so you do not stay up late at night in front of your TV screen or your computer monitor.

If you still can not change your sleep and wakefulness, but it is advisable to use low-calorie foods while watching TV. For example, you can replace harmful chips with fruits or vegetables, and from drinks choose a soothing decoction of herbs, chamomile tea or berry juice.

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