Underwear as seen by doctors

Underwear with the eyes of doctors

We begin with the materials from which make underwear. If it`s linen for everyday wear, it`s best to choose natural fabrics: cotton, silk or viscose. Additions are allowed in the form of synthetic threads, but in any case, do not wear polyester underwear or anything like that on a daily basis. Artificial tissues can cause irritation on the skin, promote rubbing and even cause allergic reactions in the most delicate areas of your body.

Doctors advise to read the label carefully and not to buy frankly cheap underwear. First, it is made from low-quality materials, and often with technology violations and a complete lack of certificates. Secondly, it comes into disrepair much more quickly than the linen bought at the normal price. And, thirdly, it can just hurt your health. Always buy only proven brands and remember that you choose clothes for the most intimate and tender parts of your body.

Now about the styles. The bra should perform its most basic function – to support the female breasts and not create unpleasant sensations at the same time. Choosing underwear for everyday wear, be sure to rely on the reliability of the bra, and not his appearance. For women with small breasts, this advice is less relevant than for women with lush forms, since a small breast needs support less so. If you have a size C or larger, never wear bras lifting your chest, their design compresses the mammary glands, and this is very harmful to health.

You should also carefully consider the width of the strap. Doctors recommend young ladies with magnificent shapes to choose bras on wide straps, as they can support the breast at a normal physiological level. Fine breasts can be worn for a festive occasion, but for a long time in such a bra you should not go.

The most useful and useless form of panties have been debating for a very long time. Sexy thongs are not considered the most favorable in terms of women`s health. Although the spores are mainly due to the width of the notorious strip from behind. Doctors agreed on the opinion that the wider it is, the more harmful it is. Such linen can lead to rubbing, trauma and even allergic reactions. It is best to wear panties, the seams of which do not pass in the most important and tender places, as well as panties of free cut. Too dense, as well as overly open, are considered harmful, as they disrupt the heat exchange of the pelvic organs and the circulation of blood.

The main thing is that you should feel comfortable in underwear! It should not be loose and loose, but it should not be too tight and too tight. All this negatively affects women`s health and can lead to serious illnesses. It`s no wonder that shorts, suits, so beloved by slimming women, stand in the first place for general health hazards. If you absolutely want to impress your beloved with posh linens, of course, you can do it. Just remember that the body is not always subjected to such tortures. Love yourself and choose the best for your body !

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