Universal make-up for the New Year party

Universal make-up for the New Year`s party

Very fast make-up: a festive image in 10 minutes

If you have very little time at your disposal, pick up the right makeup and skilfully place the accents. It is not necessary to remove the daytime make-up – it can only be corrected and add brightness and brilliance.

Thoroughly pat the face with matting napkins – they will remove the excessive shine of the skin and prepare it for applying a new layer of makeup. Correct the problem spots in the sticker. With its help you can hide small wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes or marks of acne. Pound the corrector so that it merges with the skin, and then powder the face with a fluffy brush. Use friable powder – it lies down in a very thin layer and the face does not look like a mask.

On the cheeks, add a rouge of fresh pink or reddish color. Tread them towards the temples. Over the blush, apply a crisp golden hailer. He will give the cheekbones volume, and the skin will glow. Raztushuyte highliter on the cheekbones, touch their forehead, chin and back of the nose. A little sparkling powder can be applied to the clavicles and the hollow on the chest.

Forever, apply cream shadows with glitter. Choose dark shades – they can be put more dense layer or shade in a transparent haze. Such shadows are convenient to apply with fingers. Paint eyelashes with voluminous ink, which fixes the curl well, and put a layer of varnish-luster on the lips. Choose fresh berry tones – they will suit any shade of skin and attire.

The Queen of the Ball: make-up for half an hour

Remove the daily makeup with milk, and then wipe the skin with a soft tonic. Put on the face a layer of fixing silicone base – it will create the effect of”Photoshop” and the face will look immaculate. Distribute the foundation with the highlighting effect of a soft latex sponge – it will put the product in a very thin layer, but it will hide fine skin imperfections well.

Retouch the specks and other defects with a dense beige corrector. Apply copiously on your face a loose powdery powder. Very beautiful effect creates a powder with a tiny golden shimmer – it gives the face a very light tan shade.

Apply eyelids in a water-based pencil to the eyelids. Tender them to the eyebrow, and then circle your eyes again. To make your eyes look as effective as possible, glue artificial eyelashes with sequins or rhinestones. Cheek eyes ottenite golden pink blush. Choose a product in the form of a cream or gel – they look very natural.

On the lips, apply a velvety lipstick of classic red color – it will make a spectacular contrast with shiny eyelids. To make the image even more festive, make up your nails with red or gold lacquer and fix it with a shiny coating with the effect of drying – the varnish will harden in 5 minutes.

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