Useful properties of folic acid

Useful properties of folic acid

      With a lack of vitamin B9, depression, irritability, insomnia and fatigue occur, gums become inflamed. In older people, neuralgic pain may occur. Of particular importance is folic acid for pregnant women – its deficiency can lead to the appearance of various defects and deformities in the embryo, cause premature birth and mental retardation in the unborn child.

Increased doses of vitamin B9 are necessary with regular intake of oral contraceptives, bactericidal drugs and diuretics. Especially strong deficiency of folic acid is experienced by people suffering from alcoholism, depression, ulcerative colitis and some forms of mental disorder.

For an adult who does not have chronic diseases and bad habits, the daily dosage of folic acid is 400 μg. Pregnant women need doubled doses of vitamin B9, that is 800 mcg every day. It should be noted that the reception of folic acid is better to start at the stage of pregnancy planning – about 3-4 months before the alleged conception. Nursing mothers need a daily intake of 600 μg of vitamin B9.

The sources of folic acid are liver, kidneys, yeast, cheese, cottage cheese, beans (peas, beans, soy), whole grains, green leafy vegetables (lettuce, parsley), all kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, oranges, grapes etc. Unfortunately, cooking of vegetables and fruits practically destroys vitamin B9. Therefore, for sufficient intake of folic acid, it is best to use fresh herbs, as well as raw fruits and vegetables containing this valuable vitamin. If cooking is not avoided, then cook and fry the food you need in a sealed container. The minimum cooking time will also help reduce the loss of vitamin B9 during cooking.

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