Useful properties of spinach

Useful properties of spinach

      In the green of spinach contains a whole mass of vitamins, which are so necessary for the human body: A (carotene), B vitamins, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), R, K, PP, and vitamin D, which possess anti-cancer properties. Also, spinach is rich in salts and iron compounds. This kind of greenery surpasses all vegetables in terms of protein content, second only to young pods of beans, green peas and meat. Spinach is the champion in iodine content, and, as you know, it protects the body from aging and helps cope with many ailments.

Thanks to the richest mineral and vitamin composition, spinach can be safely called a valuable food for people suffering from anemia. But also for healthy spinach is very useful, especially for children and adolescents. Its use increases the number of red blood cells, increases hemoglobin, replenishes minerals, vitamins and the body`s resistance to infection.

Spinach has a unique ability to remove accumulated toxins from the human body. With its help, you can increase hemoglobin, normalize metabolic processes in the body and recharge your batteries for the whole day. It is recommended to include spinach in the diet of people with reduced appetite, suffering from hypertension, diabetes, pregnant women, children and patients with nervous system disorders, as well as after undergoing chemotherapy and heavy surgery.

Also this unique vegetable has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is very often recommended by dentists as an adjunct to the treatment of gum disease. Spinach juice strengthens immunity, increases efficiency and even helps to get rid of extra pounds, so it is often used in various diets for weight loss.

The only drawback of spinach is the high content of oxalic acid, so it is not recommended for use to people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And also it is impossible to eat it with nephritis, diseases of the gallbladder and liver, duodenum, kidney stone disease and gout.

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