Varnish for nails: choose, but check

Varnish for nails: choose, but check

In any varnish contains a mass of compound fluids, some of which can not only worsen the condition of nails, but also harm the health of the owner of such a”wonderful” means. Pay attention to the choice of varnish, and your marigolds will always be inviting to sparkle with an excellent manicure.

A few simple tips will help you decide:

– Do not buy cheap varnish, the cost of which is frankly low. Good cosmetics can not be cheap. Low-quality varnish”for three pennies” can lead to thinning of the nail plate. Nails can turn yellow from a cheap dye. Allergic rashes are possible.

– Buy lacquers of famous manufacturers, because only they can afford to include in the varnish modern safe means. Yes, a good branded varnish is not worth 50 rubles, but health is more expensive.

– Discard the purchase, if in the lacquer indicated substances such as formaldehyde, aspartame or toluene. Especially dangerous is aspartame (which, incidentally, is found in many sodas and chewing gums) is a powerful poison that accumulates in the body and provokes the growth of cancer cells. It is impossible to remove this”rubbish” from the body. Formaldehyde is less dangerous, but with prolonged use of cosmetic products, which include this poison, the skin deteriorates, and the nails are frayed and become brittle. Toluene is a conventionally safe substance, acting as a solvent in varnish. With prolonged use, it damages the nails. All serious companies gradually replace toluene with other, modern and more sparing means.

– Beware of fakes. Examine the bottle, carefully read the inscriptions, pay attention to the expiration date. Labels should be glued exactly and neatly, they should not have adhesive residues, unevennesses, fuzzy inscriptions.

– The brush should be flat, the hairs should lie one to one. A good brush with a light push on the nail is straightened by a fan that is about twice as wide as the initial brush shape.

– High-quality varnish should not be too liquid. Lift the brush, let a drop of varnish fall into the tube. If the lacquer is slowly stacked with brushes and hung on it – the medium is too thick. If, on the contrary, I slipped too quickly over the brush with a thin trickle-a liquid lacquer. Good consistency – the varnish falls from a brush in a tube of one big formed drop.

Having chosen a varnish, it remains only to check its quality by an experienced way. A good varnish does not require the application of several layers (for light colors a maximum of 2 layers), dries in 2-3 minutes and holds a minimum of 5 days.

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