Weather for the skin

Weather for the skin

The most favorable climate for the skin is wet. Indeed, it is from excessively dry air that Russian women suffer most, both in winter and in summer. Skin cells lose precious moisture under the influence of dry air, central heating or hot summer wind, and the result is premature aging and loss of elasticity. The fact is that saturation with moisture plays an important role in the proper functioning of cells. If there is enough moisture in it, all metabolic processes go intensively and the cells have the necessary volume. But with insufficient moisture, the volume of the cell decreases, it seems to be squandering from the inside, becoming flabby and weak. Skin, the cells of which suffer from a lack of moisture, looks older, it is easier to form wrinkles, and also the processes of peeling can begin. That`s why, if you are not lucky enough to be born in the foggy Albion or the tropical jungles of the Amazon, make sure that the skin gets enough moisture with creams and cosmetics.

However, a warm and dry climate can be useful in fighting inflammation and chronic sores on the skin. The fact is that in the steppe regions the air is very clean, and there is little moisture in it. In this climate, under the influence of sunlight, excessive moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin, which contributes to drying the inflamed areas. For oily skin, this climate is ideal – the pores are not contaminated and not clogged, and acne and acne under the influence of dry clean air heal faster.

Very good effect on the skin of the marine climate. In the air here there is a huge amount of ions, it enriches the deep layers with important trace elements and promotes nutrition and hydration. In addition, the marine climate has moderate humidity, which is favorable for any type of skin and helps maintain its ideal water balance.

Now you can arrange your skin treatment room without leaving home. In order to feel like a true conqueror of the tropics and to pamper the face and body with saturated moist air, it is enough to buy a humidifier and use it regularly. Baths with sea salt for hands, nails, legs or real saline baths for the whole body are one of the most ancient ways to restore health and natural mineral balance of your skin. And in order to feel at the top of the mountains and breathe the real discharged air for medical purposes, now it is enough to enroll in several special sessions in the beauty salon. Remember that your skin needs care and moisturizing, pamper it periodically and it will answer you with health and youth.

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