What is dangerous are sharp weather changes

Than the sharp weather changes are dangerous

Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, vegeto-vascular dystonia, people with kidney, joint and spine diseases are particularly unwell at sharp weather changes. Children and elderly people are also at risk, since they do not regulate the processes of thermoregulation.

The weather changes are reflected in the body in the form of headaches, malaise and general weakness, joint pain.

Increasing atmospheric pressure raises blood pressure in a person, which increases blood circulation and can lead to hypertensive crisis in hypertensive patients. A decrease in atmospheric pressure leads to oxygen starvation, which can cause headache, pain in the heart and promote the development of ischemia.

Too sharp decrease in temperature can cause a spasm of blood vessels, as a result of which an attack of angina may develop. Those suffering from heart disease are very sensitive to the approach of thunderstorms.

Patients with renal and joint diseases respond sharply to wet, wet weather. They begin to ache joints, there is stiffness in them. The kidneys can exacerbate pyelonephritis or cystitis.

Patients with respiratory diseases suffer the sharpest drop in temperature, strong wind and humidity of more than 70 percent. This category of patients also reacts poorly to differences in atmospheric pressure and low oxygen content. The result of such changes are general weakness, shortness of breath and cough.

People suffering from mental illnesses, especially badly endure magnetic storms and wind. Also their condition may worsen before a thunderstorm and a snowfall. The aggravation of depression is observed at very high temperatures in winter and with a long absence of sun in the summer.

With a sharp drop in temperature, even healthy people feel some discomfort. Their skin is covered with pimples, muscles are tense and trembling, blood vessels contract, cold urine output may begin, that is, frequent urination.

Meteozavisimyh people need to have with them the means that will help alleviate their discomfort and improve their health.

General recommendations – dress warmly in the cold, take medications, adaptogens, include in your diet broth of dogrose, vegetables and fruits, vitamin complexes.

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