What should be the ideal legs?

What should be the ideal legs?

To determine how close your legs are to the ideal, stand in front of the mirror and put your feet together. Legs of regular shape form 4″windows” – between the feet and ankles, under the knees, between the knees and hips, between the groin and hips. The last”window” should be the narrowest.

Thin and elongated feet, with straight fingers and good pedicure – the”breed” indicator. The ankles should be slim and thin – an elegant line should be viewed from all sides, the tendons should not be clearly limited. Achilles tendon should have the same dimples on both sides at the site of the shin in the heel. By the way, the heel should be round, not flattened, soft and pink.

Caviar always attracts attention – men often see off a woman. Pumped muscles are not an advantage, as, indeed, and flabby, shaking caviar. Beautiful calves are round and elastic, do not break the general outline of the foot. Knees should be small and rounded, on the sides there should be no protrusions. Circumference of the leg under the knee should be equal to the circumference of the ankle or be slightly larger.

The back of the knee should have grooves – this is one of the sexiest parts of the female body. Female hips are a favorite part of the body for the male population. Moderately dense, appetizing and elastic thighs give the figure femininity and attraction. The hip begins narrowly and gracefully, gradually expanding towards the middle and slightly narrowing to the groin. If you look at the ideal thigh on the side, it looks like a spindle and its volume decreases towards the knee.

Ideal legs are a relative concept. Harmoniously developed figure, with elastic muscles and proportional structure always looks beautiful and attractive. Small deviations from standard sizes is not a defect in appearance – it is a highlight that makes a woman individual and special.

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