What should I look for when buying winter boots

What should I look for when buying winter boots

The basic requirement for shoes is the naturalness of the materials. In such boots, the feet will not sweat and freeze, the fur warms the feet, and the bootleg retains its original appearance for a long time. Leather boots are ideal for any winter. You can distinguish the skin from the substitute by careful examination – the cut of the skin looks solid, and the substitute can see two or more layers of the lining. Some people sniff the skin and stroke – a specific smell and warmth distinguish natural material from counterfeiting.

Suede and patent leather shoes are not very practical, but can be useful for special occasions. Such shoes should look presentable and neat, so inspect all the seams and joints of the parts.

Fur inside the boot will tell you whether the shoes will warm. Natural fur is easy to distinguish from artificial fur – it is more dense and elastic, under the fibers it is found a skin, and not matter. Check the quality of the fur on the visible part of the boots and in the area of ​​the toe – it should be the same.

The abundance of jewelry and small parts on the boots is not an indicator of quality, it all depends on the fashion trends. Nevertheless, it is believed that the smaller the brushes, rivets and buttons will be on the boots, the more comfortable the shoes will be in the process of operation. Check the quality of fastening and work of fasteners (whether hooks, laces or zippers) is necessary.

Winter boots should have a thicker sole than summer or autumn shoes. Estimate the thickness of the sole – it should be more than 1 cm. Look closely to determine how firmly the sole is fixed, you can bend the edge. Models with heels require an additional check of the quality of the instep.

Try winter boots in thick socks – that`s how you`ll be equipped in the cold season. After putting on your boots, go a little bit, assessing the degree of comfort. Suitable shoes do not press the foot and bootleg, do not press in the area of ​​lifting. Focus on your own feelings, and then wearing winter boots will give you pleasure and comfort.

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