What size should be an ideal breast

What size should be an ideal chest

If we talk about the ideal breast, then there is even its standard. According to him, a beautiful breast is one whose ratio of sizes to the upper and lower halves is 45% to 55% (starting from the nipple). And the nipple should be pointed upwards. However, it is not specified what size this standard should be. It turns out that the ideal breast can be the first, and the second, and the third size, and even more.

In that case, is it worth it to look for an ideal if all the women are different? Of course, it`s worth it! Just look for his women are often not where they need, the ideal needs to be found in his chest, and if for some reason this is impossible, then make an ideal for yourself! This can be achieved by taking care of breast health.

Significantly tighten the chest and improve its form of push-up from the knees. The main thing is to distribute the weight correctly, so that the main load falls on the pectoral muscles. To do this, place your arms at the chest level, and do not bend them to the sides, so when pushing the elbows should be under you, and not divorced in the sides.

It is not enough to strengthen only the pectoral muscle, you need to work with the back muscles for the full effect. For this there is a simple exercise: lie on the floor, on the stomach, straighten your arms and legs, lift both your left arm and your right foot from the floor by 20 centimeters. Lock the position for 10 seconds, then take the original position. Repeat with the other hand and foot. This exercise aligns the posture and strengthens the lumbar and upper back muscles.

In general, regular swimming exercises are ideal for strengthening the muscles of the chest and back.

To restore the elasticity of the chest, a contrast shower will help. This procedure improves the chest blood circulation, which is very important for the health of the mammary glands, and also has a massage effect. And also take as a rule to wipe the decollete area with ice cubes, this will make your skin supple.

Naturally, the key to the success of a beautiful and attractive breast is a properly selected bra. In order to decide on a choice, remember three rules: cups of a bra should fit tightly on the chest, but do not squeeze it; The bra should support the breast well, buy a bra made of breathable, lightweight fabrics.

Refuse the imagined and imposed by someone stereotypes of the ideal size, health – that`s what makes a woman`s breasts beautiful and perfect.

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