What substances in cosmetics are harmful to the skin

What substances in cosmetics are harmful to the skin

To make the cosmetics not uncomfortable for you, you need to carefully study its composition, checking if it contains harmful components. The main damage to our skin can cause the following types of substances:

1. Technical or mineral oil. (Mineral Oil) It is used as a moisturizer, and when used in cosmetics it forms a thin moisture-saving film on the skin. This film also prevents the gas exchange of the skin, delays toxins and harmful waste of life. As a result, the skin can become exhausted, too sensitive and irritable. It is mineral oil that can cause acne and rash in people who use cosmetics.

2. Emulsifiers are substances that make cosmetic products more stable. If their amount in this preparation exceeds the norm, then using this product can cause a feeling of dryness, tension, tightness of the skin. DEA – diethanolamine is a chemical with the help of which a foam is formed. In reaction with other substances can form a strong carcinogen – NDEA – nitrosodiethanolamine.

3. Preservatives are substances that increase the shelf life of a cosmetic product, since they inhibit the development of bacteria. But at the same time they damage the cells of the human skin.

TEA – Trithanolamine is often used as a preservative. Can react with nitrates and form a carcinogenic substance that provokes the development of cancer cells.

4. Odorants are substances that give the product a pleasant aroma. Often they are the cause of allergies. In cheap cosmetics often use synthetic essential oils, which are much more likely to cause allergic reactions than natural.

Thus, the most attractive creams, lotions and other preparations may contain rather unsafe components. You need to be very careful when choosing cosmetics.

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