What to put in the perfect cosmetic bag?

What to put in the perfect cosmetic bag?

No shopping with decorative cosmetics goes without buying something else very necessary, even if you just went to see it. But, strangely enough, the most modern trend is a reduction in the number of names in the cosmetic bag in favor of efficiency. So, your favorite cosmetic bag should be recomposed, adhering to the truth of the truth: better less, yes, better. This is not easy, because you will have to part with many of the usual objects in it. But when you do this decisively, your cosmetic bag will, firstly, considerably ease, and secondly, you will notice how much easier and faster will the process of applying make-up, and all the means will work as efficiently as possible on your skin.

Where do I start? Of course, with a tone. It depends on it whether your skin will look radiant and fresh. The tonal cream can be moisturizing, with a lifting effect, with reflective particles for additional radiance or with a matte effect. Choose one, but ideal for your skin tonal basis: for example, a leveling foundation with the lifting effect with SPF 20 Artistry Youth Xtend from Amway – it helps the skin to maintain firmness and youth, and thanks to a palette of 8 shades you will be able to find your right tone.

The next step is the expressiveness of the look. Here you can not do without mascara and shadows. First, determine your color type (which is not difficult at all). This knowledge will help you to limit yourself to just one set of several shadow shards, but universal. Pay attention to the Artistry Signature Color – a four-color palette of eye shadow with harmoniously selected colors that will allow you to make both daytime and evening make-up. Its main advantage is the presence of three textures in one pallet: matte, shiny and with a metallic effect. This combination will help you in creating almost any image.

Do not forget to put lipstick (also corresponding to your color) or lip gloss, light radiant blush and a couple of makeup brushes.

Conveniently, when all the goods can be found in one place and immediately put in a basket – real or virtual. For example, on the Amway website you can pick up everything you want right away, and a new simplified registration system for those who want to become a client of the company will make online purchase quick and enjoyable.

Such a small, but perfectly selected cosmetic bag will be convenient to take with you on trips, without thinking for long, what to choose from a whole box of cosmetics, and you will always look dazzling !!

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