What to think about before you get a tattoo

What to think about before you make a tattoo

Before you apply a tattoo on your body, you should think about the consequences of your actions. If they do not shock and do not question the whole idea, you can safely go to the master.

The tattoo will be with its owner until the skin cells are clipped. Therefore, the deeper the paint is applied, the longer the tattoo will be. Figures located in the deep layers of the epidermis remain for many years.

Drawing a tattoo can not be completely painless. The threshold of pain sensitivity is completely different for all people. Many clients are hurt in the first minutes and after 4 hours. The presence or absence of pain depends also on the typewriter, the hands of the master and the location of the tattoo. If the work is carried out close to the bone, the pain intensifies. Apply local anesthesia is not recommended, since the introduction of an anesthetic under the skin will affect the quality of the pattern and the timing of healing.

You should not drink alcohol before doing tattoos. He dilates the vessels, and this is fraught with bleeding from the capillaries.

Before deciding to make a tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with the range of prices per square centimeter. The price depends on the area of ​​the picture and the complexity of the work.

After the tattoo is applied, it is important to take care of it properly. About 3 hours will have to wear special protection. After taking it off, you should remove the remains of paint and the sap from wet wipes. It is recommended to lubricate the tattoo for healing with belopten. Do this every day.

It should be remembered that the reduction of tattoos – the procedure is complex. There are two ways – surgical and with the help of a laser. Both methods leave behind scars of varying intensity. You can change the tattoo for another. But for this you need to find a wizard who will take to correct and change the picture, without changing the key.

It`s better to make bio-tattoo with the help of henna. He will come himself within a week.

A strict rule for everyone who decided to make a tattoo. Trust your body only to the real master and only in the salon. There can be no talk about any apartments and eateries. The salon must have a license and one-time equipment (in particular, needles for machines). Such institutions also give a guarantee on their art works. Only in this case the client will be insured against undesirable consequences.

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