What vitamins are better for taking during pregnancy

What vitamins are better for taking during pregnancy

      On the recommendation of an obstetrician-gynecologist, you can take special multivitamin complexes designed for pregnant women: Alphabet, Vitrum Prenatal, Complimit Mama, Materna, Pregnavit, Elevit.

Vitamin and mineral complex”Alphabet” contains the necessary amount of iodine, so no additional drugs are prescribed. If you take this complex, on the recommendation of a doctor, you will need an additional dose of folic acid, since before 12 weeks of pregnancy vitamin B9 needs much more than is contained in the”Alphabet”.

If iodine is intolerant, you will be assigned Vitrum Prenatal. In this multivitamin complex, iodine is completely absent. The content of folic acid and iron completely satisfies the daily requirement.

“Complivit Mama” is a complex vitamin preparation for pregnant women. Doses of vitamin A, D, B and iodine do not cover daily requirements. If necessary, these vitamins are prescribed additionally.

In the vitamin complex for pregnant women”Materna” enough iodine and folic acid. The dose of vitamins A and B is very high, therefore, allergic reactions are often observed when taking the complex.

“Pregnavit” contains a full dose of vitamins needed during pregnancy, but microelements are completely absent.

“Elevit” contains a large dose of magnesium, which helps to prevent the threat of miscarriage and improves blood circulation.

The full ration of a pregnant woman should contain fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and sour-milk products, freshly squeezed juices, cereals, whole grains, greens. Be sure to eat fatty fish: sardine, herring, mackerel, salmon. This will help to fill the fatty omega acids needed to prevent gestosis.

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