Why men like hard sex

Why men love hard sex

Some believe that men like hard sex, because it is fixed in their genetic code. But this is not so. To understand why men love hard sex, you must first understand why men love sex at all.

Every person somewhere deep in the subconscious is tasked with: leaving behind the posterity. But over time, this need goes to a secondary plan. In nature there are only three kinds of living beings who have sex for pleasure: dolphins, primates and people. So, people have sex, because they want it. And specifically, men do this also because they show that they are men. Of course, you can give other reasons, but these two will be the main ones.

There are many stereotypes in society that often affect us. For example, a man is strong, a woman is weak. In fact, this means that the man is the main, and he must conquer the woman, using his power and strength. And even more specifically, the hunt for women is the surest way for them to feel strong. In order to strengthen his position of the male, after conquest, it is necessary to establish that he is the main one, and for this he mates with the conquered female. This, in fact, expresses pure superiority – many people associate it with oppression or any suppression of a partner.

Men like rough sex because they want to dominate a woman in the physical and moral plane. Rough sex for them is very interesting, as it is sex in its pure form, rather than mixed feelings, pathetic gestures, sighs, unnecessary attributes in the form of special lighting and bedding from someone`s latest collection. The desire for rough sex arises precisely in the head and raises the level of the testosterone, and they can do nothing about it.

Hardly there are men who rough sex is disgusting by nature. At the same time, one should not blame men for such gross thinking. A man just has to be a hunter, protector and head of the family. He wants to express the superiority of power, and if a woman does not allow this, she begins to strive to realize her power elsewhere.

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