Why the skin loses its elasticity

Why the skin loses its elasticity

      Causes of loss of skin elasticity

With age, the number of new cells decreases. There is an energy imbalance. Collagen and elastin is significantly less. The aging of the skin is based on the genetic level. This refers to the internal factors of loss of elasticity and elasticity, which is virtually impossible to prevent.

The external factors of skin aging include: lack of supply of necessary nutrients and water, insufficient quality care, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, residence in ecologically unfavorable areas, an intense rhythm of life, the presence of bad habits and serious chronic diseases. !!

What type of skin loses its elasticity and elasticity faster

Skin type is of great importance in maintaining elasticity and elasticity. The fastest growing age is dry skin, which is supplied with a small amount of sweat and sebaceous glands. Secondly, sensitive and normal skin is subject to aging and loss of elasticity. At representatives of a fat skin aging process occurs much later. Natural lubrication with fat and hydration with sweat glands helps to maintain youth, elasticity and elasticity of the skin much longer.

How to keep youth, elasticity and elasticity of the skin

First of all, you need to provide the skin with sufficient care. Use neutral foams, gels for washing, systematically moisturize the skin and apply nourishing creams with an increased content of substances that contribute to the preservation of youth. It is equally important to maintain a stable weight. Cutting weight drops lead to tearing of collagen and elastin fibers. The skin loses its elasticity and saggers.

Full nutrition with sufficient intake of amino acids, vitamins and minerals is another way to keep youth and skin elasticity for a long time.

For the sake of preserving the youthfulness of the skin, it is worth abandoning bad habits, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, and not being exposed to excessive insolation.

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