Why you need colored contact lenses

Why do I need color contact lenses

What are colored contact lenses? It is worth knowing that there are three types: color, color and so-called”crazy”. The latter are lenses with zero diopters and are intended for short-term wearing. The lenses have an unusual drawing (“cheerful Roger”, crosses, cat`s pupil and others), which distinguishes their owner in any nightclub or party.

Tinted (tinted) lenses can be either with or without diopters. A distinctive feature of the tinted lenses is their transparency and weak color. Such lenses are designed to correct vision and create a light decorative effect. With their help, you can give the natural color of the eyes a different shade – for example, turning the blue eyes into turquoise, and greyish-green – into emeralds.

In color contact lenses are incomparably more functions. With their help, it is easy to radically change the color of the eyes, which is absolutely unrealistic with toned lenses. This is possible because the figure of the eye iris (iris) on the lens is very bright and almost opaque, which means that even dark eyes can easily be turned into sky-blue or even lilac.

In addition, there are a number of diseases in which the wearing of colored contact lenses is directly shown. For example, some diseases, one of the symptoms of which is photophobia (photophobia). People suffering from light intolerance are provided with colored lenses (with or without diopters) that have UV protection.

In diseases with pronounced opacity of the cornea, leukemia, other changes in the iris, colored lenses will help a person feel confident, do not become the object of obsessive attention of others.

A high degree of myopia is also an occasion to purchase dense colored lenses. The fact that an unpainted or weakly colored lens a person with poor eyesight can easily lose. A bright color will allow you to easily control the lens and manipulate it when putting on / off-cleaning.

As you can see, color contact lenses are not only the ability to play friends with”skulls in the eyes” or reincarnate from blue-eyed northerners into the languid black-eyed woman of the East. They are also a great chance for people with various eye defects to lead a full-fledged active life.

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