With what to wear a blue dress

With what to wear a blue dress

      For office, a blue dress to the knees or the length of the maxi is appropriate to combine with a jacket and blazer of the same color, as well as white, yellow and black. For walks and meetings with friends, a blue dress can be combined with a cardigan and a knitted sweater.

Evening attire blue dress will be, if you supplement it with a fur vest or a wide belt. By the way, it is the blue cocktail dress for universality – a direct competitor to a small black dress.

Stylists recommend choosing accessories that are dominated by white or golden colors. From all shades of blue in accessories, it is better to refuse whenever possible. These combinations not only can spoil the image, but also shade paleness and even become very old. However, if the blue decorations are tastefully matched, exceptions for them can be done – this will only add charm and sophistication. For example, on a dark blue dress looks great ultramarine, large turquoise brooches and beads or long cornflower earrings. Accessories of golden, pearl, silver and gray shades are universal and always advantageous. But remember, if the color of the dress is quite rich, then choose accessories to it as laconic and restrained as possible so that they do not distract attention from the dress itself.

With a blue dress, lace stockings and thin pantyhose of black and flesh-colored flowers look equally flawless. For the party, you can play with a combination with pink, green, red or even orange leggings, of course, with accessories matched to them in tone.

A winning combination of blue dress with gold and yellow colors is considered a classic. This combination of colors has long been used to decorate the ancestral coat of arms, and in ancient times was considered a symbol of royal rule.

And, finally, with the shoes you can experiment in different ways – it all depends on the image being created and the color saturation of the dress. For example, silver shoes will add sophistication and favorably emphasize the deep color of the dress, and black shoes, despite the severity, are magnificent with the most intense and bright tones of blue.

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