With what to wear boots with solid sole

With what to wear boots with solid sole

It should be noted immediately that the choice of winter shoes on a solid sole is considerable. These are boots, boots, ugg boots, boots, boots to the knee, boots-stockings, duffers (lunar rovers). They are made from suede, made from genuine leather, fur, artificial leather, make inserts of knitted items, decorate with accessories, etc. Choose is from what.

Very delicate looks narrow jeans tucked inside the boots without a heel, and on top an elongated knitted sweater or a knitted tunic.

Mini skirt or shorts, great for a boot or boot-stocking. With boots to the knee, leggings and a knitted dress look good.

Legs of a beautiful shape will fit boots and ugg boots. Although they look scary at first glance, but you just need to wear them, and you will fall in love with a feeling of comfort and warmth. A narrow skirt will bring into the image a touch of sexuality. With such shoes also fit and tucked in with jeans, and leggings that match the color, and dresses.

With fur boots, a soft knitted dress with a voluminous pattern will look beautiful.

As for outerwear, then for winter boots to the knee you can buy an elongated fur coat or sheepskin coat. With short boots, the outer clothing to the knees will visually shorten the legs. Therefore, for short boots (ugg boots, boots), the best option would be short down jackets, a fur coat covering the hips or sheepskin coat.

It is worth paying attention to pantyhose or tights. It is not necessary to wear pantyhose, tights in the tone of boots. It all depends on your taste, style and selected accessories. However, pantyhose in the tone of the boots build a figure, visually extending the legs.

So, although it is believed that the heel slim and adds femininity, the solid sole is no less beautiful. And most importantly, it is convenient. Due to the lack of a heel, the gait becomes natural and confident. And this is especially important in the ice, when the hairpin is the main reason for the unsuccessful fall.

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