With what to wear female sneakers

With what to wear women`s snickers

      Snickers are indispensable for walking in the city, park, shopping center. Casual models are perfectly combined with sportswear. All training pants, breeches, shorts look good with simple snikers without a hidden platform and extra decor.

Casual dress is in perfect partnership with this shoe. A variety of items made of denim, from mini skirts to skinny jeans are worn by girls with snickers, choosing colors, laces and ornaments for various outfits. The most popular are models of classic colors with minimal decor, since such shoes can be combined with almost any clothing.

Do not just wear the snickers from morning to night, because their soles are absolutely flat, non-anatomical. If you are in Keds or Ballet for a long time, the load on the locomotor apparatus is not distributed correctly. This can be bad for the gait and posture, sometimes even internal organs suffer. Especially dangerous for a growing body.

Because of the flexibility and the flatness of the sole, flat foot is possible, so look at the model on a hidden wedge. Such snickers look very interesting and harmonious (not as a failed experiment with sneakers on heels). The wadding lifts the heel 2-4 centimeters, just at the height recommended by the doctors. These shoes can be worn and with a smart dress, and with a flirty skirt, and with a fashionable overall.

Models, famous singers and Hollywood stars, too, fell in love with comfortable snickers. Alessandra Ambrosio wears these sneakers with tight jeans and different T-shirts. Gisele Bündchen added to this image a short leather jacket, and Jerry Halliwell – a large cozy scarf. Beyoce, being a young mother, is happy to wear comfortable sneakers and bright children`s sling.

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